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We can learn a lot by photographing nature and plants.
Plants nurture life, and with that
life we live.
We are kept alive.
We should know that plants do not just grow there.



My encounter with wheat helped me to realize the perfection of the plant.When I take picturesof wheat,
I sometimesencountr a pleasant breeze.
Sometimes it is the scent of life that makes me forget about even taking pictures.

There are always two people in every picture

 the photographer and the viewer


​Total Design


Around 2015, I was looking for something new to photograph in my hometown, and as I was going down an alley that I don't usually go down, I found a vast expanse of wheat spread out in front of me.
For a while, I forgot about taking pictures of the wheat as it undulated in the wind, and just watched it dance there.
After a while, I gradually switched from ecstasy to a desire to take pictures, and I took a bite...
After that, I just kept snapping the shutter as I wanted to take pictures.

That year, the genre of barley photography was born in my mind with overwhelming presence.
Since that day, I have been captivated by the depiction that barley produces, and every spring I begin to take pictures of barley.

What is the charm of wheat? I answer, "I love it like my cat's back.
I can't help but love them because they are like the back of my cat.
I can't help but see the way the barley flutters in the wind, just like a cat's fur fluttering in the wind.
As a photographer, I am attracted to barley because of its form, color, and detail.
The wheat berries are arranged in regular rows, with thin whiskers protruding from the gaps between them.
By photographing this precisely, the gentle yet powerful depiction creates overwhelming detail.
Furthermore, as time goes by, the green color of the wheat turns to gold and then to gray, and this change is one of the charms of the wheat photo.

I believe that the barley photo is not a desire for approval from others, but rather an overwhelming sense of self-satisfaction.
That is how much I love barley, I can say that wheat is a subject that amuses me.

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